Sophisticated Counsel In Energy And Environmental Law

The oil and gas industry is complex and unpredictable. New technologies create both opportunities and challenges. Markets (and alliances) shift. Environmental concerns always loom in the background.

The legal team at Hisey & Landgraf has long experience with the legal aspects of energy production and related environmental law. Our Ardmore law firm represents local property owners and businesses who have a stake in oil, natural gas and wind energy production in Carter County and throughout Southern Oklahoma. We also serve clients from Oklahoma City, North Texas and elsewhere seeking localized counsel with specific experience in this field.

Our immersion in this area of the law can help you achieve your goals and buffer threats to your property and financial interests. Arrange a consultation at 888-282-1098.

Oil And Gas And Energy Law In Oklahoma

Attorneys Justin Landgraf and Meredith Turpin bring in-depth experience in oil and gas law, including related business and real estate matters. We provide transactional work and plaintiff and defense representation to landowners, developers, oil and gas operators, and industry-related businesses in a wide spectrum of matters:

  • Mineral rights and division orders
  • Gas marketing agreements
  • Oil and gas liens
  • Wind turbine development
  • Platform and pipeline construction
  • Breach of contract litigation
  • Negotiation of leases and royalties
  • Entity formation and transactions
  • Saltwater disposal and remediation
  • Condemnation for transmission lines
  • Royalty disputes
  • Violation of non-competes

We often counsel property owners who are not be familiar with leases, drilling and related issues. Our knowledgeable team will explain and analyze the terms of your agreements to make sure the oil companies do not take advantage of you.

Environmental Litigation And Compliance

Fracking, traditional oil and gas extraction, and even wind power generation commonly give rise to claims of pollution or other environmental impact. We represent property owners who have suffered damages, as well as owners and operators sued by adjacent owners or public advocacy groups for polluting or environmental violations.

Our attorneys litigate in state and federal courts of Oklahoma, with experience in all manner of disputes. We can discuss your rights, remedies or defenses regarding surface damages (oil pipeline leaks, saltwater spills), groundwater contamination, clean-up and restoration work, or earthquake damage attributed to fracking activity. Our firm also has experience in other environmental litigation, such as pollution from livestock feedlots and agricultural runoff.

Local Knowledge And Industry-Specific Experience

Our trial lawyers are well-versed in the special legal considerations in oil and gas litigation, and intimately familiar with the court systems in Carver, Marshall, Murray and Love counties. We strive to resolve disputes in the most favorable and efficient manner, but we prepare for trial.

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